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MINIATURE FOLDING at G&K–Vijuk International!

G&K–Vijuk Intern. Corp. is the world leader in providing innovative solutions in insert/outsert leaflet folding equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and small-items packaging markets. We are attentive to the needs of our customers as developments in the industry occur. We have also been granted over 30 patents worldwide.


In 2012, G&K–Vijuk Intern. Corp. purchased substantially all of the assets of Vijuk Equipment, Inc., who was a  prominent provider of finishing equipment in the graphic arts and packaging industries since 1962 and the sole distributor of G&K (GUK–Falzmaschinen) folding systems since 1977.

Founded in 1948, GUK–Falzmaschinen (GUK) of Wellendingen, Germany, presently has over 200 employees and is well-known internationally for its production of automotive parts and comprehensive line of folding systems.

To complement its fine line of folding equipment, GUK recently acquired MB Bäuerle, manufacturer of automated folding and inserting systems in Germany, and Sigma Engineering, manufacturer of product-handling machinery in the Netherlands. Now as a member of the GUK Group, G&K–Vijuk is proud to continue its leadership in providing our customers with innovative folding solutions, as well as solutions beyond folding.


We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and ask that you please continue on and view our extensive range of equipment available to fit your specific needs. Our new G&K–Vijuk MV-11 Outsert Systems and auxiliary equipment were specifically developed to increase our customers’ efficiency in order to provide the finest products and excellent service for their customers.

Paper Folders For you...

Whether you are new to G&K–Vijuk or one of our prime customers, it will be the pleasure of one of our highly-knowledgeable sales consultants to expertly assist you with finding the best solutions for you and your company, and, ultimately, your customers. To assist you further, we also have custom engineering available for special needs or applications.

Our technical department is available to support our equipment lines in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico, as well as global service for all of our outsert systems. Our highly-qualified technicians are factory trained to give you outstanding service and training.

To better serve you, our parts department maintains a large parts inventory on all of our equipment lines that is ready for immediate shipment, generally overnight.

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05.01.2021 New Product

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