G&K–Vijuk Sigma Tabber

Automatically tab seal folded products in line with folding systems and other finishing machines.


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A - Features

TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLLER  for setting total and batch counts, production speed, and belt speed. Also for setting product length—manually, or automatically by sensor.  

B - Features

TRANSPORT BELTS for feeding products.



C - Features

SERVO-DRIVEN ROTOR with four shafts and clamps.

D - Features

TABBING UNIT affixes tabs to folded product.

E - Features


F - Features




G - Features

DELIVERY UNIT  for collection of tabbed output.

  • Description


    Advantageous collaboration…

    • Manufactured in conjunction with Sigma Engineering of the Netherlands, now a member of the GUK Group, the G&K–Vijuk Sigma Tabber is an innovative answer to the packaging needs of the graphic arts and pharmaceutical industries.


    User-friendly tabber…

    • Front access allows quick, easy setup and convenient operation.

    • Transport belts are adjustable with digital dials for micro alignment. 


    Efficient positioning of product for tabbing…

    • Four shafts with clamps are attached to a servo-driven rotary index gear box.
    • The clamps receive product from the transport belts and are rotated to flip the products over 180º in order to deliver them with the open end toward the tabbing unit. 
    • The clamps are adjustable and spring loaded for secure and damage-free transfer of products. 


     Precise tabbing…

    • The advancement of the tab roll and labeling are synchronized by sensors (see special features) that detect product arrival by print mark. 
    • Side guides align products laterally for accurate placement of the tab, and parallel stops register products for tight seals.
    • A monitoring system detects and logs errors.



    • Air blasts aid the application of lightweight labels. 
    • Optional double-clamps are available for wide products.
    • Interchangeable label-peeling devices for different size tabs are available.
    • A dual-head tabber is available.


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  • Special Features

    Special Features



    A series of sensors monitor and synchronize the passage of product through the processes of the tabber.

    Sensors record:

                  •   Entry point (1) 

                  •   Arrival to the rotor clamp (2) 

                  •  Exit from rotor clamp (3) 

                  •  Arrival to tabbing unit (4) 




         Passage of outserts…

          •   Entry point (1) 

          •   Arrival to the rotor clamp (2)







       Outsert is clamped at sensor point (2).






                              A Double Tabber is available

       The clamped outsert (2) is rotated as the rotor makes quarter turns, and is released when it has been flipped 180º.

       The sensor records the point (3) at which the outsert  is released with the opened end toward the tabbing unit.






       The sensor records the arrival of the outsert at the tabbing unit (4)  where it is tightly sealed.


  • Specifications

    G&K-Vijuk Sigma Tabber Specifications

                                              MINIMUM                      MAXIMUM


    Product:          width:       1-1/4”  (32 mm)            7-7/8"  (200 mm)

                          length:       1(25 mm)                  4-1/4"  (110 mm)*

                      thickness:       3/64"  (1 mm)                  3/4"  (20 mm)


    Speed:                            up to 12,000 cycles/hour

    Tab roll core:                  3”  (76.5 mm)



    *G&K–Vijuk Sigma Tabber XL  is available with a maximum product length of 6”  (152 mm).



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