G&K–Vijuk PPM Auto Stacker

for automating the collection and packing of outserts to save time and labor costs, and stabilize the workflow.


  • Description

    G&K–Vijuk PPM Auto Stacker


    Save time and labor cost by automating the packing of outserts

    • The modular Auto-Stacker is easily attached to outsert systems an other small leaflet folding systems.
    • It automatically collects a predetermined number of leaflets and transfers them into trays while simultaneously collecting another batch of leaflets.
    • A compression device packs leaflets tightly in the tray.
    • When the tray is full, it moves into the delivery area, while a new tray moves into the packing area without interrupting production. 


    For quality control. 

    • An optional G&K–Vijuk CM Inspection Station can precede collection. A two-camera system makes dimensional measurements to verify size and shape of outserts, ejecting leaflets that do not meet specifications.
    • To add the capability of printing a product identifier for tracking and tracing, the G&K–Vijuk CTM Coding/Serializing & Fold-Inspection Station is available for printing a unique industry standard or 2-dimensional code or serial number on each outsert as well as providing the size and shape verification of the CM station.
    • To ensure all outserts are properly secured, the Glue Verification System is available.
    • For total quality control, add the Baumer hhs® Xcam System for content verification. 



    • The PPM Auto Stacker can also be adapted to other machines to handle small items such as credit or gift cards, sachets, or other small packets.


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  • Special Features

    Special Features





    Automatically collects a predetermined number of outserts for placement into trays; and while that batch is being transferred into a tray, it simultaneously collects another batch, maintaining a constant production speed. 








    A compression device packs the outserts tightly into the tray. Collection and transferring continues until the tray is full. 





    When the tray is full, it is moved into the delivery area and a new tray is moved in to receive the next batch.












    The G&K–Vijuk PPM Auto-Stacker provides non-stop complete in-tray production, allowing you to regulate your workflow. 












  • Specifications


    G&K-Vijuk PPM Auto-Stacker Specifications 


                                               MINIMUM                    MAXIMUM


    Product:           width:       1-1/4”  (32 mm)            7-7/8"  (200 mm)

                                                2"   (50 mm)

                           height:       1-1/4”  (32 mm)              3-1/8"  (80 mm)

                                                1”  (25 mm)     

                       thickness:        3/64"  (1 mm)                  3/8"  (10 mm)


    Tray:                width:         1-1/4”  (32 mm)            7-7/8"  (200 mm)

                           height:            1"   (25 mm)                3-1/8"   (80 mm)

                           length:           11"  (280 mm)                36"  (915 mm)  


    Speed:                             up to 12,000 cycles/hour


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