Pharmaceutical Folders and Feeders for Packaging Lines


These in-line leaflet folding or feeding systems can be customized to streamline your packaging-process and increase production while saving you time and labor.

Cartonac 91 Leaflet Folder

The standard leaflet folder for the packaging lines.

Cartonac 2000 Leaflet Folder

The new generation - meets today's demand for higher production and larger leaflets.

Cartonac 2003 Leaflet Folder

New compact, HMI touchscreen controlled, servo driven model with easy access to folding rollers and plates.

Cartonac 2005 Leaflet Folder

A combination of the best of previous models—efficient and cost-effective.

Pick & Place Station

Tip objects or leaflets into or onto primary product or packaging — in line or off line.

PA21/2 & PA31/2 Folded Leaflet Systems

Leaflet inserting systems.

PA21/3 & PA31/3 Folded Leaflet Systems

High-capacity leaflet inserting systems.

PA21/4 Folded Leaflet Systems

For thicker Inserts and Outserts.

PA15 Folded-Leaflet Feeder

Will turn leaflets 90º prior to feeding for proper orientation on the production line.

PA30 Folded-Leaflet Feeder

Feeds very thin and difficult-to-feed leaflets and items.

RS21/070 Roll-Fed Folder

Roll fed cutting and folding unit with up to 6 plates. 

RS21/880/2 Roll-Fed Folder

Reel fed cutting and folding unit with the latest servo technology.

RS42 Reel Plough Folder

RS21/880/2 with plough folder, cutting and right-angle folding unit.




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