GUK FA53 Pharma Folder

For folding outserts and med guides—models with up to 24 plates!


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A - Features

FA53 FOLDER, generally specified for outsert systems but can be used independently or in systems for folding inserts or med guides. 

B - Features

L-4 TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLLER, for setting up sheet and fold sizes, production speed, batch and total counts, and parameters for double-sheet ejection system.



C - Features

BAUMER hhs® CONTROLLER monitors water scoring—and Xcam Camera Systems if installed.

D - Features

R6 ROUND-PILE FEEDER is continuous-load, handling sheets up to 56-5/8" (1440 mm) in length.

E - Features

DOUBLE-SHEET DETECTOR will trigger the Double-Sheet Ejection System (F icon) when it senses double or misfeeds.



F - Features


When triggered by the double-sheet detector, the pneumatic cylinders (1) activate the ejection gate (2) and double sheets are ejected before going into the folding rollers. Production continues uninterrupted.



G - Features

ZWT53/2 TRANSFER UNIT  accurately transports product from Station I onto the roller table to Station II.

  • Description



     GUK FA53 Pharmaceutical Folder:

    • Designed to fold light-weight papers, it can be used for folding inserts and outserts, consumer information leaflets and med-guides.
    • The versatile folder has a 20-3/4" (53 cm) format and many variations.
    • FA53 Folders can have 8 to 24 plates (increments of 2). See the new advantageous features of the 24-plate GUK FA53 Folder.
    • Setups and changeovers on the FA53 are quick and easy with caliper-set rollers and zero-makeready plates with digital dials for setting the fold length.
    • The safety cover with an electronic interlocking switch allows view of production and safe operation.


    Advanced Features: 

    • Double-sheet ejection System ejects double sheets are ejected before they reach the folding rollers—without stopping production.
    • Quick-release scoring shafts.
    • Water scoring for accurate, tight folds.
    • Nirosta rollers are standard with scoring system. 
    • ZWT53/2 Transfer Unit accurately transports the paper from Station I onto the roller table to Station II and allows varying the position where the product enters the folding rollers of Station II by the job, so the full width of rollers can be utilized for uniform wear.



    • The addition of a Station II (and III) to the FA53 will give you the ability to produce many fold patterns, sizes, and shapes for a variety of leaflets. 

    • The FA53 is commonly used as the primary folder for MV Outsert Systems.



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  • Feeders


    • R6 Round-Pile Feeder:

      • Feeds sheets up to 56-5/8" (144 cm) in length. The top suction wheel (1) , aided by air blasts from front and two sides (2), transfers sheets to the register table.

        The Electronic Double-Sheet Detector (3).



      FL3 Flat-Pile Feeder:

      • Feeds sheets up to 40-7/8" (104 cm) in length. Its maximum pile height is 27-1/2" (70 cm).










      • Rear suction heads (1) on the FL3 lift sheets with the aid of air blasts while the top-suction wheel (2),  shielded by a safety cover, transfers them to the anti-static alignment table leading to Station II.


        The Electronic double-sheet detector (3).










  • Accessories





    Water Scoring:

    • When combined with scoring will aid in more accurate and tighter folds.    







    Not Pictured: 

    • Sound Reduction Hoods
    • Gluing Unit
    • Electronically Controlled Gate Folding Plates
    • Press and Vertical Stackers
    • Double Stream Units
    • Strip Cutting, Edge Cutting and Crimping Device
    • Upstream Knife Shaft


  • Attachments


    ZK500/ZK600 Knife Folding Attachments:

    • The most heavy-duty and remarkable commercial knife folding unit on the market.
    • Makes perpendicular folds-an up fold or a down fold.
    • Attaches directly to any brand folder, stitcher, collator or trimmer and can also be used off-line for signature folding or any special commercial folding applications.
    • Can fold up to a 144-page signature (depending on stock).
    See ZK500/ZK600 Knife Folding Units
  • Specifications

    GUK FA53 Folder Specifications

    Number of plates8 to 241
    Shortest fold1-1⁄8" (29 mm)

    Sheet sizes:  R6 Feeder—max


    20-3/4" x 56-5/8" (530 x 1440 mm)

     6-3/8" x 6-3/8" (160 x 160)

    Sheet sizes: FL2 Feeder—max


    20-3/4" x 40-7/8" (530 x 1040 mm)

     6" x 7-1/2" (150 x 190)

    Production speedup to 650ft/min. (200 m/min)2
    Electrical 230V, 3ø, 60 cycle


    1 Increments of 2.

    2 Depending on stock and folds.

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