MV-X10 Single Knife Outsert Systems

For high volume folding of small outserts. Ideal starter system.


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A - Features


has a pile height of 23-5/8" (60 cm) and feeds sheet up to 33-3/8" (85 cm) long. Sheets are lifted by the rear separating feed system and transferred toward the folder by the drum suction wheel in the infeed section. A caliper-set mechanical double-sheet detector stops the feeder when a miss-feed occurs.  

B - Features


displays readouts of total and batch counts and the current production speed by digital tachometer. It swivels for operator convenience. 

C - Features

is easy to set up with quick caliper-set rollers made of steel with polyurethane, and zero-makeready plates, which are set with a simple turn of an adjustment dial. It may have 8 to 18 plates. 


Optional Station I folders: GUK FA35/FA43 Folders, or a GUK FA73 Folder (see Description}.




D - Features


has 4 plates that have narrowly-spaced ribs for handling thick folds on small leaflets and narrowly-spaced alignment rollers for consistent transfer of leaflets.

E - Features


aids in transferring folded sheets from Station I to Station II, increasing the accuracy of folding small pieces.

F - Features


The operation of the PLC controlled G&K—Vijuk Outsert Section, consisting of a knife folder and vertical-stack delivery, is through a the touchscreen HMI controller. 


BAUMER hhs® CONTROLLER controls the glue process,



G - Features


driven by a servo motor, is technologically advanced for efficient and accurate high-speed outsert production.

H - Features


designed specifically for the outsert section, delivers the outserts upright for easy, orderly collecting and packing.

I - Features



Improved to handle the speed and greater number of panels, the VERTICAL-STACKING DELIVERY UNIT stacks the folded outserts upright for easy, orderly collection.
• An air-activated batch kicker staggers pieces to mark batches.

  • Description


    Exclusively G&K-Vijuk´s

    • G&K-Vijuk patented outsert systems are for the production of RTA (right-turn-angle) cross-folded outserts. Outserts, which have become the standard for providing information in the pharmaceutical industry, are leaflets that are folded to a small size and secured to form closed leaflets which will not spring open during packaging operations or while affixed directly onto product containers.


    Especially designed for you and your customers

    • MV-X10 Outsert Systems are basic, economically-priced, single-knife models designed for highly-efficient and accurate high-volume production of small inserts and outserts.

    • They are an ideal, cost-effective way to branch out into folding small outserts.
    • They are a cost effective way to free up larger outsert systems if a good part your customer's needs are for smaller outserts. 


    Tailored to fit your needs…

    • All components for outsert systems are designed to handle light-weight stock for pharmaceutical and miniature leaflet folding.
    • Station I options are:

    • Station II is a 4-plate GUK Folder modified with special folding rollers, plates, and pressure roller to handle the thick, small-size leaflets.
    • The FL2 Flat-Pile Feeder is standard. The continuous-load R6 Round-Pile Feeder or FL3 Flat-Pile Feeder are available, depending on your needs (see Feeders). 
    • Depending on the primary folder and number of plates, MV-X10 Outsert Systems fold outserts with up to 110 panels, as small as 1-1/ 8" x 1-1/ 8" (29 x 29 mm).



    • The basic system does not come with water scoring. It is optional.

    • MV-X10+ OUTSERT SYSTEMS include a pressing unit for folding flatter, more compact outserts.  Compact outserts are easier to handle manually and mechanically—and present advantageous options in packaging. 
    • MV-x10 and MV-X10+ Outsert Systems can not be expanded. (See other MV Outserts Systems that are modular and can be expanded.)


    For more information, fill out the information request form.

  • Special Features

    Special Features

    "Intelligent" self-teaching jam detection…


    The ELECTRONIC JAM DETECTING SENSOR (1), one of many on the outsert system, is part of “intelligent” self-teaching jam detection. Sensors throughout the system record the timing of sheet passage. If product does not arrive at a sensor point in the proper time, the operation preceding that point will shut down to prevent further jamming and minimize downtime.



    Continuous Production…



    When the Double-Sheet Detector (1) sheets or a miss-feed,…






    …it activates the pneumatic cylinders (2) that open the gate (3) through which double sheets are ejected before they reach the folder. Production continues uninterrupted. (FA73 Folders have a similar ejection system.)




    Accurately folded outserts…


    FOLD-LENGTH MONITORS, one concealed above the exit rollers on Station I and one mounted beneath the exit rollers on Station II, measure product coming through and stop the machine when the folded length is incorrect. 

  • Feeders





    R6 Round-Pile Feeder

    • The continuous-load ROUND-PILE FEEDER is for feeding longer-size sheets up to 56-5/8" (144 cm) long. 







    • The TOP SUCTION WHEEL (1) shielded by a safety cover, aided by air blasts from front and two sides (2), transfers sheets to the register table.




    FL2 Flat-Pile Feeder

    • Suction heads lift the sheets at the REAR SEPARATING FEED SYSTEM (1). Air blasts aerate and separate the sheets making it possibleto feed long difficult-to-handle sheets.
    • A DRUM SUCTION INFEED WHEEL (2), shielded by a safety cover, transfers the paper onto the registration table toward the folding rollers.
    • A caliper-set double-sheet detector stops the feeder when miss-feeds occur.
    • Optional side air blasts aid in the consistent transfer of sheets.
    • The rear separating feed system lifts up and out of the way for easy loading.



    FL3 Flat-Pile Feeder

    • Feeds sheets up to 40-7/8" (104 cm) in length. Its maximum pile height is 27-1/2" (70 cm).













      • REAR SUCTION HEADS (1) on the FL3 lift sheets with the aid of air blasts while the TOP SUCTION WHEEL (2), shielded by a safety cover, transfers them to the anti-static alignment table leading to Station II. 



    • Accessories


      Baumer hhs® Xcam Camera… 
      • Gives you content-quality assurance.
      • Makes independent top and bottom readings.
      • Blank sheet or missing data detection.
      • Barcode reading.
      • Job recall.
      Glue Verification System
      • Ensures all outserts are properly secured.
      • Gluing is performed on-the-fly in the knife in-feed area.
      • When programmed for 100% verification, and the scanners do not see glue on the outserts, the feeder will be turned off to stop production for manual removal of incomplete outserts.
      • When the station is used in conjunction with the G&K–Vijuk TTM, CTM or CM Station, the non-glued outserts will be ejected automatically through the station while production continues uninterrupted.
      UM90 Turn Station
      • Modular station for optimal use of your produciton area.
      • Easy integration without tools
      • Footprint reduction of up to 40% or 222 sq. ft. (20 sq. m).
      See Flier


      For more information, fill out the information request form.

    • Specifications









      Number of Plates Station I


      Number of Plates Station II


      FA36 / FL2 Starting sizes (WxL)       

      Max sheet     

              14-3/16" x 33-3/8" (360 x 850)       


      Min sheet

      4" x 5-3/4" (105 x 145)

      FA45 / FL2 Starting sizes (WxL)  

      Max sheet

      17-3/4" x 33-3/8" (450 x 850)


      Min sheet

      4" x 5-3/4" (105 x 145)

      FA53 / R6 Starting sizes (WxL)  

      Max sheet

      20-3/4" x 56-5/8" (530 x 1440)


      Min sheet

      6-3/8" x 6-3/8" (160 x 160)

      FA53 / FL3 Starting sizes (WxL)  

      Max sheet

      20-3/4" x 40-7/8" (530 x 1040)


      Min sheet

      6" x 7-1/2" (150 x190)

      FA73 / R6 Starting sizes (WxL)  

      Max sheet

      28-3/4" x 56-5/8" (730 x 1440)


      Min sheet

      6-3/8" x 8-3/8" (160 x 210)

      FA73 / FL3 Starting sizes (WxL)  

      Max sheet

      28-3/4" 40-7/8" (730 x 1040)


      Min sheet

      6" x 7-1/2" (150 x 190)


      Finished leaflet (WxH)                     

      Min sizes      

                   1-1/8" x 1-1/8" (29 x 29)            



      2" x 1" (50 x 25)


      Max size  

      6" x 3" (152 x 76)


      Number of panels                      





      FL2 Feeder pile height


      23-5/8" (60)

      FL3 Feeder pile height           


      27-1/2" (70)

      Cycling speed  


      14,000 cycles/hour***



      220V, 3ø, 60 cycle

                        400V, 3ø, 60 cycle


          * All specifications are based on using 27# paper with the grain running parallel with Station II folds.

             Measurements in parentheses are in millimeters.

        ** The maximum number of panels is determined by the number of plates in the primary folder.

      *** Production speed depends on the finished folded size and number of panels.



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