G&K–Vijuk PA21/4 Folded-Leaflet Feeder

Save time and labor by inserting leaflets directly into cartons along with the product in the packaging or cartoning line.This pneumatic inserting/feeding system is designed to handle 2mm to 8mm thick leaflets at high speeds!


Also see the G&K–Vijuk PA21/3 & PA31/3 Leaflet Feeders and G&K–Vijuk PA21/2 & PA31/2 Leaflet Feeders.

  • Description


    For installation on cartoning lines...

    • G&K–Vijuk Leaflet Feeders run on the packaging line’s chain or toothed-belt drive on a 1:1 ratio, in most cases.
    • On the GUK PA21/3 and PA31/3 Feeders leaflets are loaded on a 39 -3/8" (1 m) long horizontal magazine with a conveyor belt system, run by an independent drive.
    • The long conveyor belt accommodates a large number of leaflets for easy continuous loading with a low-pile safety warning.
    • Leaflets are drawn-off of the belt by a servo driven electronically controlled ejector.
    • The PA21/4 handles leaflets 2 to 8 mm thick.
    • Depending on the size, type and weight of stock, and quality of fold, production speed is up to 400 leaflets per minute.


    • The drive can be on either the left or right side of the feeder.
    • Delivery of the leaflets may be to the left or right in order to interact with the packaging or cartoning line.
    • To suite your needs, other magazine sizes are available from 22 -34" (577 mm) to 78- 3⁄4" (2 m).
    • An optional scoring device may be installed at the exit point of the delivery belt to prepare leaflets for easy insertion along with the product—even on blister-packaging lines.
    • It can be equipped to operate independently to feed leaflets for other processes or applications.


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  • Specifications


    PA21/4 Folded-Leaflet Feeder

    Maximum in-feed width 8-1/4" (210 mm)
    Minimum in-feed width2-1/3" (60 mm)
    Maximum in-feed length 4-1/8" (105 mm)
    Minimum in-feed length5/8" (15 mm)
    Product thickness Up to 8 mm maximum, 2 mm minimum
    Leaflet magazine length39-3/8" (1 m) standard feeding length*
    Production speed Up to 400 leaflets/min.**
    Drive Chain or toothed belt from cartoning machine,
    1:1 ratio. Recommended drive capacity 0.3 Kw


      * Optional magazine lengths available: 22-3/4" (577 mm) to 78-3/4" (2 m).

    ** Depending on paper weight and quality of fold.




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