GUK SA30/SA52 Accumulator Folder

Fold a number of sheets together in a single cycle.


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A - Features


Zero-makeready plates are set up to fold or deflect with a turn of a dial. They are made of durable chromium-plated steel for anti-static operation and long wear.

B - Features

QUICK CALIPER-SET FOLDING ROLLERS  Insert paper in the caliper device, and the roller pressure is automatically adjusted. 

C - Features

ACCUMULATOR UNIT receives and accumulates the programmed number of sheets before advancing them to the folder.





D - Features

ACCUMULATOR CONTROL PANEL for setting up belt speed, sheet accumulation, and timing of the advancement of sheets into the folding unit.







E - Features

FL2 FLAT-PILE FEEDER holds pile height up to 25-1/2" and feeds sheets up to 33-3/8" long. 


(See descriptions under Feeders.)

F - Features

CONTROLLER FOR FEEDER for setting up feeder functions; production speed; sheet length, gap, vacuum and suction; and double-sheet detection.





TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLLER for setting up the number of sheets per set, total, batch, and production counts and programming jobs for recall. Also for setting up the sequence of coded sheets for the optional code reader or OMR optical mark reader.

H - Feature

SHINGLE DELIVERY for collecting folded sets. 

  • Description


    The GUK SA30/SA52 Accumulator Folder can fold single sheets—or, fold together sets of 2 to 8 pre-collated sheets together in a single cycle. It can be adapted to receive collated sheets from digital presses, super copiers (like the DocutechTM) collators, sheeters, and web presses—when certain specifications are met. 

    Simple operation...

    • Setup and changeovers are quick with zero-makeready plates and caliper-set folding rollers.
    • The folding system includes a batch counter and a sheet accumulator unit.
    • The accumulator unit receives and accumulates the number of pre-collated sheets as entered in the batch counter and then advances the set to the folding section to be folded together.


    • With an optional OMR (optical mark reader) or bar code reader, the system can be programed to fold varied pre-determined sets.
    • When switching to jobs with similar specifications (e.g., fold pattern, sheet length, etc.), adjustments to the folding system may not be necessary, depending on the paper weight and number of sheets.
      accumulated according to the number set on the batch counter, then folded together.
    • The system can be run independently by equipping it with a flat-pile feeder as shown above.

    High productivity…

    • Depending on the stock, it will letter-fold 5,800 to 6,200 sets of two to five 8 1/2" x 11" (A4) sheets per hour.
    • The accumulator folding system comes in two sizes: SA30 with an 11-3/4" (300 mm) format, and SA50 with a 19-1/2" (500 mm) format

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  • Features




    Easy to set up:

    • Zero-makeready plates that are set up to fold or deflect with a turn of a dial.
    • Rollers setup by inserting thicknesses of paper in caliper devices.



    Accumulator Unit:

    • Receives and accumulates pre-collated sheets according to the specified number before sending them to the folding unit.
  • Feeder


    FL2 Flat-Pile Feeder

    • Feeds sheets up to 33-3/8" (80 cm) in length. Its maximum pile height is 25-1/2" (65 cm).
    • Suction heads lift the sheets at the REAR SEPARATING FEED SYSTEM. Air blasts aerate and separate the sheets making it possible to feed long difficult-to-handle sheets.
    • A DRUM SUCTION INFEED WHEEL, shielded by a safety cover, transfers the paper onto the registration table toward the folding rollers.
    • A quick caliper-set double-sheet detector ensures accurate feeding.
    • The rear separator is hinged to lift up and out of the way for easy loading.

  • Accessories

    Optional Accessories

    • Bar Code Reader
    • OMR Optical Mark Reader
  • Attachments


    G&K–Sigma Tabber     
    • Automatically tab seals folded product in lin with the SA Accumulator Folder and can be attached to other folders, stitchers, etc.
    • More information under G&K-Vijuk Sigma Tabber.



    ZK500 Knife Folding Unit 

    • To cross fold products, attach a G&K–Vijuk ZK500 Knife Folding Unit.
    • It is a heavy-duty commercial folder that will fold thin and very thick products–up to 72 pages, depending on the stock.
    • It will make an up or down fold.
    • It can also be used off-line for folding signatures, booklets, or other special folding applications.
    • More information under ZK500/ZK600


    Station II 

    • For more than one cross fold, attach a Station II Folder with 2, 4, 6, or 8 plates.

    For more information, fill out the information request form.

  • Specifications






    In-feed length     maximum   

            12-1/8” (310 mm)

          16-1/2” (420mm)


          6” (150 mm)

             6” (150 mm)

    In-feed width      maximum

          11-3/4" (300 mm)

          19-1/2" (500 mm)


          4" (100 mm)

           4" (100 mm)

    Smallest fold      approximate

         2-3/8” (60 mm)

         2-3/8” (60 mm)

    Longest fold       approximate

         8-5/8" (220 mm)

         13-3⁄4" (350 mm)

    In-feed height      maximum

         37-3/8" (950 mm)

          37-3/8" (950 mm)

    Output height

         33-3/4" (860 mm)

         33-3/4" (860 mm)

    Production speed

          Up to 450 ft./min.

           Up to 450 ft./min

        (140 m/min)

        (140 m/min)

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