G&K–Vijuk Cartonac 2005 Leaflet Folder

Save time and labor by installing  this folder onto your packaging line to fold small leaflets to be inserted directly into cartons along with the product.


It is a simple upgrade from a Cartonac 91 or a Cartonac 2000.


The feed table can be raised for easy access to folding rollers and plates.

  • Description


    The Cartonac 2005 is a combination of choice features from previous models that give you a cost effective yet economical model for efficient transition into automatic in-line leaflet folding and insertion. It is also a simple upgrade from the Cartonac 91 or Cartonac 2000—an easy switch out.

    • GUK in-line Cartonac Folders attach directly to your cartoning or packaging line's drive by toothed belt or chain at a 1:1 ratio, but can be driven at a 1:2 ratio for running longer sheets.
    • Packaging-line production speed is maintained with the continuous-load, bottom suction feeder.
    • A low-pile sensor on the feeder sends out an alert and if more stock is not loaded, it shuts off the machine—ensuring production of leaflets for insertion.
    • Folding is consistent and precise by urethane and steel folding rollers running on precision roller bearings in the folding mechanism.
    • Production is problem-free with maintenance-free axle and roller bearings, along with self-cleaning combination steel and rubber folding rollers.
    • Machine noise is minimized with toothed belts and external control cams. 

    For greater production advantage… 

    • The longer 23-1/2" (600) air-feed table is hinged so it can be raised (even loaded with paper) for easy access to the folding rollers, plated, and optional code-reading system.
    • The interlocking switch on the feed table ensures safe operation. 
    • Setup is quick and easy with digital-dial roller setup.
    • Feeding is accurate and reliable with oscillating, air-adjustable, suction-rollers that draw sheets from the bottom of the pile toward the folding rollers, aided by air blasts from the anti-static feed table. 
    • Improved control of the air blasts from the feed table reduces friction and enables consistent high-speed sheet feeding, even on long sheets. It makes it possible to feed folded sheets with up to 3 panels, which results in larger leaflets.

    Other beneficial features… 

    • Air blasts on the feeder table allow higher pile heights.
    • Micro adjustments can be made on-the-fly, which saves setup and production time.
    • Adjustable fold plate knives enhance folding of all types of paper.
    • The For better control and more accuracy in preparing leaflets for trouble-free insertion, two sets of scoring collars are mounted on shafts that are independent of the transport belt shafts.
    • All drives are located outside of the paper path for easy access.
    • Format width is 8-3/8” (215 mm).
    • Production speeds are up to 600 leaflets/min. of sheet lengths up to 12- 1/2" (320 mm)—20% faster than the previous models.


    • Units are available with the hand wheel on the left or right side of the machine.
    • The Cartonac 2005 can be equipped with either 4 or 6 folding plates in Station I.
    • The feed table can be 17-5/8" (450 mm).
    • Roller setup can be with Caliper-Set Devices. 
    • It can be equipped for off-line operation.  

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  • Features


    • Feed table can be raised (loaded with paper) for easy access to the fold rollers, fold plates, and optional code-reading system.    



    • Digital Dial Roller Setup simplifies setup. 
      • Improved control of air blasts and sheet separation by the suction rollers make it possible to feed folded sheets with up to 3 panels, which results in larger leaflets. 

      For more information, fill out the information request form. 

    • Accessories

      Accessories (optional)

      • Bar code reader with or without ejection device can be installed.
      • Electronic fold-plate setup.
      • Electronic touch control for automatic roller and plate settings.
      • All-around V2A stainless steel covers.
      • Solenoid valves to replace mechanical valves.
      • A servo-driven model with. HMI touchscreen display for control and status overview and job recall.
      • Batch counter for the off-line model.


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      • Parts & Service

        Parts & Service

        For operating efficiency, keep your GUK machines in top-notch running condition with GENUINE GUK PARTS—available exclusively through G&K-Vijuk Intern. Corp.  Parts are stocked at our headquarters and, in most cases, can be shipped overnight. 

          • A reconditioning kit is available for complete restoration of your folder.

        Save by having your folding rollers factory reconditioned—metal areas re-knurled, gears and needle bearings replaced, and rubber replaced. You will not be able to see the difference!

          • New folding roller

          • Reconditioned roller


        FACTORY-TRAINED technicians are available for service.


        For more information, fill out the information request form.

      • Specifications


        Number of plates available     4 or 6
        Maximum sheet size (W x L)    8-3/8" x 23-1/2" (215 mm x 600 mm) 2
        Minimum sheet size  (W x L)    2-3/8" x 3-5/8" (60 mm x 90 mm)

        Smallest fold

            5⁄8" (15 mm)      

        Paper weights

            27– 50 lbs. (40 – 80 gsm) 3

        Production speed    Up to 500 sheets/min. 4                                                                                                             
        Electricals                                          230V, 3ø, 60 cycles                                                                                                                       


        1  Measurements in parentheses are in millimeters, unless otherwise indicated.

        2  Maximum sheet length corresponds with the feeder table length. Available lengths: 23-1/2" (600 mm),

          17-5/8" (450 mm).

        3  For single sheets, the recommended minimum paper weight is 33 lb. offset (50 gsm); for prefolded

          sheets, recommended minimum paper weight is 27 lb. offset (40 gsm).

        4  Depending on paper length and quality.

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