G&K–Vijuk PA30 Friction Feeder

High-speed, economical feeder able to handle very thin and difficult to feed items!


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A - Features

PA30 Friction Feeder with a standard (300 mm) vertical feeder magazine, on a mobile stand, feeding large thick sheets from the left to right. 

B - Features

PA30 Friction Feeder with a long (about 23-1/2" or 600 mm) vertical feeder magazine, feeding small leaflets from the right to left on a packaging line. 

  • Description


    Consistent, high-speed, compact-size friction-belt sheet feeder…

    • Will feed difficult-to-handle, very thin leaflets or other products—as thin as 60 lb. offset (80 gsm or 0.1 mm).
    • Economical, user-friendly with front operation and easy access to the hopper, feed belts, friction rollers, and channel delivery belts.
    • Setup is quick and easy with a pivot-point, side-clamp mount.
    • Continuous-load 11-3/4" (300 mm) vertical magazine feeder has an adjustable low-pile sensor, which shuts down the system when the pile is below the level set.
    • A gearless stepper motor precisely dispenses and positions the product.
    • The upper part of the channel delivery automatically adjusts to the thickness of the product.
    • The slope of the channel delivery is adjustable.
    • The system shuts off automatically when product jams, doubles, or mis-feeds. When the problem is rectified, it starts up without need of adjustments. 
    • It can be installed in line with machines like tabbers, leaflet bundling systems, or packaging lines.   


    • Delivery can be from the left or right.
    • Format width can be the standard 11-3/4" (300 mm) or 9" (230 mm).

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  • Features



    Consistent dependable feeding…


    Fiction rollers (1) with the aid of optional suction belts (2) advance even very thin items.







    (feeder view)












    (delivery view)



    Ease of operation and adaptability…



    The upper part of the channel delivery automatically adjusts to the thickness of the product and the slope of the delivery is adjustable.




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  • Accessories

    Accessories/optional equipment

    • Suction belts in the feeder aid advancement of products.
    • Lug belts to advance certain products.
    • Feeder magazine chutes— up to 23-1/2" (600 mm).
    • Vibrating magazine chute aids dispensing of product.
    • Servo drive.
    • Height-adjustable mobile stand.


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  • Specifications

    Specifications: SA30 Friction Feeder

                                        WIDTH                    LENGTH                 THICKNESS

    Format:     min:     1-1/2" (40 mm)           1-1/2" (40 mm)        60 lb. offset (0.1 mm)

                     max:     11-3/4" (300 mm)1    10-1/8" (260 mm)        3/8" (10 mm)


    Feeder magazine: 11/3/4" (300 mm)2

    Drive:                    Gearless stepper motor

    Control:                Microprocessor and SPS interface

    Speed:                  Up to100 m/min.

    Electrical:              230 V / 50 Hz

    Dimensions:          19" (482 mm) W  x  38" (965 mm) L  x  30" (762 mm) H


    1  A 9" (230 mm) model is available.

    2  Magazine lengths up to 23-1/2" (600 mm) are available 



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