FA45/FA36 Folders

Small in size, but handles big jobs with high speed and precision.


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A - Features


Zero-makeready plates are set up to fold or deflect with a turn of a dial. They are made of durable chromium-plated steel for anti-static operation and long wear.

B - Features

QUICK CALIPER-SET FOLDING ROLLERS  Insert paper in the caliper device, and the roller pressure is automatically adjusted. Rotating on needle and axial bearings, the large diameter folding rollers allow you to fold heavier stock such as greeting cards.



C - Features

FL2 FLAT-PILE FEEDER with a pile height of 25-1/2" (65 cm), feeds sheets up to 33-3/8" (80 cm) in length.


A continuous-load, SAF Bottom-Suction Feeder is a feeder option that feeds sheets up to 25-1/2" (65 cm) in length.


(See descriptions under Feeders.)

D - Features

CONTROL PANEL for programming jobs—setting up the feeder, production speed, sheet length, gap, vacuum, and sheet suction.


F - Features

 BELT DRIVE SYSTEM which is located on the outside of the machine (behind safety covers) allows easy access.

Universal joints ensure consistent, trouble-free operation


E - Features

The optional MCS-106 PREDETERMINED COUNTER performs total and batch counting.

G - Features

STATION II FOLDING UNIT. The right-angle Station II folding unit as shown is configured for cross folding signatures.


It features a rust-, static-, and wear-resistant alignment table.


Stations can have 2, 4, 6, or 8 folding plates.

H - Features

Heavy-duty, adjustable QUICK-RELEASE SLITTING SHAFTS provide optimal perforating, slitting and scoring. 

I - Features




  • Description


    User-friendly, trouble-free folder...

    • Folds from standard commercial products to miniature leaflet sizes.
    • Does not require highly skilled operators for setup and operation.
    • Zero-makeready folding plates, caliper-set folding rollers, and quick-release slitting shafts give you quick, easy setups and changeovers.


    Tailored to fit your needs...

    • Small machine footprint easily fits in any plant.
    • Economical solution for covering your folding overflow. 
    • Production speed is up to 500 ft. per minute, depending on stock and product.
    • Choice of format sizes with the FL2 Flat-Pile Feeder: 17-3/4" x 33-3/8" & 14-3/16" x 33-3/8". (450 x 850 mm & 360 x 850 mm).
    • Format sizes with the continuous-load SAF Feedeer: 17-3/4" x 25-1/2" & 14-3/16" x 25-1/2". (450 x 650 mm & 360 x 650 mm).
    • A number of optional equipment is available to suit your needs. (See descriptions under Attachments.)


    Designed for the ultimate in versatility...

    • It gives you opportunities to branch out into miniature folding with 2, 4, 6 or 8 folding plates per station—and the ability to fold down to 5/8" in Station I and down to 3/4" in Station II. 
    • Not only do the FA45/FA35 Folders fold the widest range of sheet sizes (3-1⁄4" x 3-1⁄2" to 17-3⁄4" x 33-3/8", depending on the feeder), they also fold the widest range of paper thicknesses—from card stock to pharmaceutical weight papers. 
    • Folds to up to a 64-page signature in Station II, depending on stock.
    • The GUK line includes many accessories to add applications such as gluing or tabbing for bookletmaking or producing direct mail pieces.  (See some of them under Accessories.)


    Allows you to offer a unique service in the trade.


     For more information, fill out the information request form.


  • Feeders






    • The FL2 FLAT-PILE FEEDER feeds sheets up to 33-3/8" (85 cm) in length with its Rear Separating Feed System. 
    • The long alignment table ensures accurate registration.
    • Variable sheet-spacing control makes it easy to setup for special folding applications.
    • Pile height is 25-1/2" (65 cm) with automatic height adjustment.


      • Suction heads (1) lift the sheets.
      • Air blasts (2) aerate and separate the sheets, making it possible to feed long or difficult-to-handle sheets.





      The Rear Separating Feed System is hinged to lift up and out of the way for loading the paper.


    The drum suction wheel (1), shielded by a safety cover, transfers the paper onto the registration table to the folding rollers.
    Optional side air blasts (2) aid in the consistent transfer of the sheets.A caliper-set double-sheet detector (3) stops the feeder when a miss-feed occurs.




    • Continuous-load SAF BOTTOM- SUCTION FEEDER has air channels in the side rails that separate and lift the sheets to allow the bottom-suction drum to draw the paper to the register table. 
    • An adjustable plate levels the feed edge of the paper to ease the transport of the paper onto the register table.
    • When the side guide is adjusted to the paper width, the feed belt automatically centers to convey the sheets over the anti-static stainless steel register table to the folding rollers in perfect registration.
    • The gap between sheets of paper can be controlled to allow for gluing or other applications.
    • The vacuum time on the sheets can be controlled to allow folding of stock as light as 27# offset.
    • A single control automatically synchronizes the speed of both the feeder and folder for smooth production.

  • Accessories


    Other optional equipment for efficiency.

    • MCS-106 predetermined counter
    • Continuous or batch counting devices
    • Electro-magnetic double-sheet detector
    • Variable-speed vertical-stack delivery unit
    • Reversing vertical-stack delivery unit
    • Vertical-stack delivery unit
    • Gate-fold folding plate
    • Double-sheet detector
    • Gluing devices
    • Pressing units
    • Crimping device
    • Strip cutting device
  • Attachments




    Heavy-duty commercial ZK500/ZK600 KNIFE FOLDING UNIT makes a final up or down cross fold.
    • It can also be used off-line for folding signatures, booklets (up to a 144-page, depending on stock), or any special commercial folding applications.



    MOBILE SHINGLE DELIVERY UNIT is for finished leaflets 
    of more than 3-3/4" in height. Folded products are delivered shingled-one overlapping the other.
    • It is height adjustable, tilt adjustable and has variable speed for better control of shingling the product. Two widths available: 13-3/4"; 21-1/4".
    • It is interchangeable with the Vertical-Stack Deliver Unit.



    The VERTICAL-STACK DELIVERY UNIT is for collecting miniature-size folded products.
    • Folded pieces are stacked upright for easy, orderly collection.
    • It has an independent motor drive.
    • A built-in ejector magnet (kicker), controlled by the MCS-106 Predetermined Counter, staggers pieces to mark batches.
    • Widths: #KS-235: 9-1⁄4"; #KS-310: 12-1⁄4"; and #KS-370: 14-5⁄8".

    Variable-speed TRANSFER UNIT aids in the transfer of the folded sheets from Station I to Station II and increases the accuracy of folding small pieces as well as extending the life of the rollers.

    EK300 KNIFE FOLDING UNIT is for the final fold of leaflets that are too small to be handled in the side guide of the right angle station or too thick for buckle folding down to 1-1/4".

    • It has a built-in vertical delivery unit and an optional ejector magnet (kicker) for separating a preset number of finished pieces.
  • Specifications




    Number of stations1 to 31 to 3
    Number of plates per station2, 4, 6 or 82, 4, 6 or 8
    Smallest fold Station I5⁄8"5⁄8"
    Smallest fold Station II and Station III3⁄4"3⁄4"
    SAF feeder max sheet size14-3⁄16" x 25-1⁄2"17-3⁄4" x 25-1⁄2"
    SAF feeder min sheet size*3-1⁄4" x 3-1⁄2"3-1⁄4" x 3-1⁄2"
    FL2 feeder max sheet size14-3⁄16" x 33"17-3⁄4" x 33"
    FL2 feeder min sheet size4-1⁄4" x 5-1⁄2"4-1⁄4" x 5-1⁄2"
    Production speed500 ft./min.500 ft./min.
    Electrical220V, 3ø, 60 cycle220V, 3ø, 60 cycle
    * Optional modification is available for the minimum sheet size of
       2-3/4" x 3-1/2" on the SAF feeder.



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