• We are a prominent source of cost-effective, reliable bindery equipment, backed by excellent technical support and spare parts delivery.
  • GUK folding machines are complex high capacity folding machines which we develop and produce ourselves. Constructors and technicians lay down the base for perfect function and for highest quality.
  • G&K-Vijuk's technical and service support is second to none.

Support & Service

Technical Support and Service


G&K-Vijuk's technical and service support is second to none.


Our highly trained technicians are available via phone, email,
and Skype, as well as traveling to your facility.


Training is available on-site at the customer or at our facility
in Elmhurst, Illinois.

03.03.2017 NEW Product

G&K-Vijuk introduces TTM Serializing Station for serializati...

03.09.2015 NEW Product

G&K-Vijuk introduces Pick&Pack automatic stacking module for...

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