Pharmaceutical Folders for Packaging Lines

Our pharmaceutical folding machines serve on cartoning machines and packaging lines. They cut brochures to length with rotated knives from the reel according to a print registered mark. The draw-off roller in front of the rotated knife is controlled in order that one brochure is cut only if required.

Cartonac 91 Leaflet Folder

The standard leaflet folder for the packaging lines.

Cartonac 2000 Leaflet Folder

The new generation - meets today's demand for higher production and larger leaflets.

PA21/2 & PA31/2 Folded Leaflet Systems

Leaflet inserting systems.

PA21/3 & PA31/3 Folded Leaflet Systems

High-capacity leaflet inserting systems.

PA21/4 Folded Leaflet Systems

For thicker Inserts and Outserts.



RS21/070 Roll-Fed Folder

Roll fed cutting and folding unit with up to 6 plates. 

RS21/880/2 Roll-Fed Folder

Reel fed cutting and folding unit with the latest servo technology.

RS42 Reel Plough Folder

RS21/880/2 with plough folder, cutting and right-angle folding unit.




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