RS21/070 Roll-Fed Folder

Unsurpassed for high-speed, high-volume folding of leaflets.

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  • Description


    Why you should consider roll-fed folding…


      • GUK RS Roll-Fed Folders are unsurpassed for high-speed, high-volume folding of leaflets for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and small novelties industries.


      • Minimizes the possibility of leaflet mix-ups.


      • Roll paper is less expensive than cut sheets.
      • Minimal paper waste because there is no trimming.
      • Minimal product spoilage because there are no sheets to double or become misaligned and there are fewer jams.


      • No pre-cutting is necessary. Sheeting is done automatically on-line, saving valuable production time.






    RS21/070 Roll-Fed Folder...

    • This high-speed folder is ideal for installing onto packaging lines
      (A top mount roll feed, B direct floor mount feed, C 90º floor mount feed with optional deviation device).
    • Attaches to the drive of the packaging line by chain or toothed belt.
    • It can be equipped to operate off-line D.
    • Set up is easy with quick-set caliper rollers and micrometer dials for fine tuning. Digital roller setting is available.
    • Rollers are belt-driven for quiet operation, low maintenance and long wear.
    • Roll stand options are shown under attachments. Automatic roll changing is available.


    Roll Sheeting…

    • A separate draw-off roller is required for each leaflet length. The draw-off roller advances the roll paper to the length of the leaflets to be folded.
    • When the length is confirmed by the electronic reading of a print mark on each leaflet, sheeting is automatically done by a rotary knife.


    Packaging-line system…

    • The leaflet draw-off and knife shaft are synchronized 1:1 with the packaging line.
    • The cut-to-length sheet is transferred to the folder for processing.
    • The folded leaflet is delivered to the cartoning section of the packaging line.

    The roll feeders on machines C and D are single-roll stands with the splicing station.


    Off-line system…

    • The cut-to-length sheet is transferred to the folder for processing.
    • The folded leaflet is delivered on the vertical-stacking delivery unit.
    • The roll feeder on pictured machine is a single-roll stand with a splicing station feeding directly into the folder.



    • RS21/070 production speeds are up to 320 leaflets per minute (depending on stock and cut-off length).


    Take steps to start saving by filling out the information request form.



  • Accessories


    MCS-106 Predetermined Counter

    • It performs and displays readouts of the total and batch counts and the current production speed by digital tachometer.
    • A 0- to 10-second delay can be set to pause the feeding process to create batches.
    • For batch counting with the vertical-stack delivery unit on the stand-alone folding system, you enter the number of pieces per batch to trigger the unit’s ejector magnet which staggers pieces to mark batches.

    Our Optional Equipment:

    • Various gluing attachments (cold & hot)
    • Bar code scanners (read bar codes on one side or both sides of leaflets)
    • Digital roller adjustment
    • 90º deviating device
    • Splicing station for roll stands with servo drive
    • Sound-reduction hoods
  • Attachments


    Smoother production using roll stands with servo drives…


    (1) Single-roll stand



    (2) Double-roll stand

    (3) Single-roll stand with splicing station





    (4) Double-roll stand with splicing station

     (5) Single-roll stand with servo drive

     (6) Double-roll stand with servo drive

    • The servo drive is synchronized with the packaging-line along with the folding system.
    • It unwinds the roll paper as required by the folder draw-off roller.
    • Solves the difficulty of unrolling paper at the end of the roll! There is no stress or pull on the paper throughout the dispensing of the whole roll—even at the end of the roll when it is more difficult to unroll the paper and there is the risk of stretching or tearing the paper.
    • The roll stands with a servo drive are ideal for high-speed or intermittent production. 

    (7) ARW Automatic Splicer/Roll stand with servo drive and Siemens 57 Controller


    Save valuable production time with automatic roll changer…
    • The ARW21/2 Automatic Splicer/Roll Stand allows continuous production, eliminating the need to stop the system for a roll change.
    • It handles paper widths up to 8-1/4 inches (210 mm).
    • It has a servo drive and a Siemens 57 Controller.

    How it works…
    • As the first paper roll nears the end, the system reduces its speed to 150 leaflets per minute and will operate with the accumulated reserve of paper.
    • When the end of the roll in production reaches the splicing station, it is overlapped with the start of the next roll and attached with double stick tape in the splicing station.
    • When splicing is completed, the system resumes high-speed production.



  • Specifications



    Number of plates4 or 6
    Folding width max8-1⁄4" (210 mm)
    Folding width min2-3⁄8" (60 mm)
    Smallest fold5⁄8" (15 mm)
    Sheet length max12-3⁄8" (315 mm)
    Sheet length min4-1⁄4" (105 mm)
    Roll diameter max23-5⁄8" (600 mm)
    Roll width max8-1⁄4" (210 mm)
    Roll width min 2-3⁄8" (60 mm)
    Roll core diameter3" (76 mm)
    Production speedup to 320/min.*

    *Depending on length of the leaflets.

  • Brochure
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