Pharmaceutical Folders and Feeders for Packaging Lines


These in-line leaflet folding or feeding systems can be customized to streamline your packaging-process and increase production while saving you time and labor.

Cartonac 91 Leaflet Folder

The standard leaflet folder for the packaging lines.

Cartonac 2000 Leaflet Folder

The new generation - meets today's demand for higher production and larger leaflets.

PA21/2 & PA31/2 Folded Leaflet Systems

Leaflet inserting systems.

PA21/3 & PA31/3 Folded Leaflet Systems

High-capacity leaflet inserting systems.

PA21/4 Folded Leaflet Systems

For thicker Inserts and Outserts.



RS21/070 Roll-Fed Folder

Roll fed cutting and folding unit with up to 6 plates. 

RS21/880/2 Roll-Fed Folder

Reel fed cutting and folding unit with the latest servo technology.

RS42 Reel Plough Folder

RS21/880/2 with plough folder, cutting and right-angle folding unit.




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